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Mission Statement:

“Brick by brick Muslimnama builds a strong house of a US Muslim Community, guides the interested, educates the committed, leads the energetic & excited.

Dawa’a (calling to Islam) is our goal, preserving our past & preparing for the future is our privilege and obligation.

We call for growth (nama) in our souls, minds and hearts.

We reject conflicts, divisions, hatred, amongst our believers and those around us.

Allah is our keeper and protector and from Him we seek our energy, blessing & guidance."

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A note from the Founder & CEO Sheikh Dr. Abdulhakim Mohamed

“I asked you about his followers do they increase or not and you said they increase and likewise faith increases till it’s complete. I asked you if there is anyone that recants his faith after accepting Islam and you said no, and likewise faith when it merges with the core of the heart.” -Words echoing in our ears since Kasar (the ruler of Roman Empire in Syria) uttered them to Abu Sufyan. We in the United States have seen Islam grow in huge numbers in the last three decades till it has been said: (Islam is the fastest growing faith in America) Alhamdulillah! While it has grown in quantity, it has diminished in quality. We in Muslimnama, like many other concerned organizations, are concerned about the lack of understanding of Islam and the values of Islam within the Muslim Community. The level of misleading information about Islam within the Non-Muslim society is also alarming.

Tamim Aldari may Allah be pleased with him said: “I heard the Messenger peace be upon him say: ‘This faith will reach where night and day reaches. No house made of clay or hay that this faith will not enter.’” We in Muslimnama understand that this is a huge mission that needs the help and support of everyone that has the will, talent, knowledge, interest, enthusiasm, and commitment. We will walk our journey with patience for our playground is vast. Our customers vary in character, interest, and concerns. We will market our product in ways that differ in time, place, person, and importance. Acknowledging priorities is a must in our mission. Learning how to wait and utilize tomorrow will be an objective. Learning how to partner with interested groups will be explored. We understand that mishaps and failures at times are elements of growth. Setbacks are motivations to excel. Every day is a day we cannot sacrifice as it is said in our teachings: (I am a new day (or new creation) take advantage of me for you will never see me again). We will take our challenges as our targets to accomplish. The scale of our success is the energy to continue, and failure will be contentment with our achievements. We take every step with open-hearts and open-minds, valuing every input coming our way. There is no friend or foe but partners and colleague; partners who share our mission, or colleagues who challenge our convictions and motivate our will. Our hearts are guided by the truth of the Quran and Sunnah, and our support is the wisdom we seek from all around. Our role models will be the chosen men that Allah appointed to carry His message and we will adopt their traits, may peace be upon them all: our longevity from Nooh, sacrifice like that of Ibrahim and his son Ismael, patience from losses from Yakoob, purity from Maryam, Issa, and Yousef, strength from Musa, persistence from Yunis, wisdom from Da'uad and Sulaiman; and Seerah of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him will guide us in integrating all these traits. The history of Abu Baker, Omar, Othman, Ali, and the rest of the Companion will be the base and foundation for our present and future. On Allah we will rely and only on Him we will depend. I pray that our words become actions and our days bring brightness in the lives of the ones we touch and meet. Ameen!

Dr. Abdulhakim Mohamed CEO, Muslimnama, Inc.





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